Jan. 29

Officer reported a parking problem in

Sector 2. Bus operator was contacted and

advised to move.

Emporia Police Dispatch requested

welfare check on Madeline Alford at 310 E

12th Apt. 27. No problem was found.

Officer detected a suspicious odor

and searched TX HNK1932 for marijuana

in 1200 Highland. Search was negative.

Jan. 30

Officer responded to a report of a

suspicious odor on 1st and 2nd floors of

Schallenkamp Hall.

Officer stopped TX KWL3525 at 12th

and Commercial for driving without

headlights. Carlton Johnston was taken into custody for

DUI, no driver’s license and no proof of

insurance and transported to Lyon Co. jail.

Jan. 31

Residential Life reported a suspicious

odor on 1st floor of Trusler Hall.

Officer stopped KS 326KHM in

Sector 2. Verbal warning for defective

brake lights.

Feb. 1

Officer assisted Emporia Police Dept.

for a hit and run accident at 310 W 12th.

Officer responded to a blue light

emergency telephone call at Southwest

Welch Stadium. No contact, officer

concluded mechanical problem.

Resident Assist. reported the smell of

marijuana on 1st floor of Schallenkamp Hall.

Officers obtained a search warrant to check

the dorm room associated with the odor.

Residents were charged with minors in

possession, possession of marijuana,

possession of drug paraphernalia and false


Feb. 4

Officers responded to blue light

emergency telephone call at southwest

Welch Stadium. Mechanical issue.

The Blue Light emergency telephone at

southwest Welch Stadium calls ESU PD

without the button being pushed.

Feb. 3

Officers stopped KS 119MEY in

1100 Constitution. Verbal warning for a

one-way violation.

Officers stopped KS 527EDO in 1500

Merchant. Verbal warning for defective


Feb. 4

Officers stopped KS 867LPC at 12th

and State. Citation for failure to provide

current proof of insurance.

Officer assisted Emporia Police Dept.

with a search for a male subject who fled

from the area of 13th and Highland.

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