Logs from ESU Police and Safety 

Jan. 22 

A female student requested to speak with officer in reference to suspicious gear left in South Morse Hall stairwell. 

Officer admitted Brian Fordlee into Science Hall Room 247. 

Officer stopped KS 983kzk in 1700 Highland. Verbal warning for defective tail light. 

Jan. 23 

Officers reported a parking problem at in Schallenkamp parking lot. Officers cited KS 940MLG for parking violation. 

Officer checked the welfare of a female subject who had fallen in 1100 Merchant. She was not injured. 

Officer stopped KS 077KKD in Sector 7 for a stop sign violation at 15th and Market and failure to use turn signal. Samuel Erickson was cited for Minor In Consumption. 

Donovan Reeves was taken into custody for Minor In Consumption and Driving Under the Influence and transported to Lyon Co. jail. 

Jan. 24 

Officer escorted student Donovan Reeves from Lyon Co. jail to North Twin Towers. 

Officer admitted staff Steven Sisson into HPER. 

Jan. 25 

Ambulance responded to Student Recreation Center for a sports injury and broken wrist. Subject transported by ambulance to Newman Regional Health. 

Officer responded to a blue light emergency telephone call at Stormont Physical Plant. No problem found. 

Jan. 26 

Officer vacuumed out interior of vehicle 6379. 

Officers stopped KS 596MHX at 6th and Washington for driving without headlights. Citation issued for no proof of insurance. 

Jan. 27 

Parking Enforcement immobilized KS 863HNE at Lot 5. 

Officer stopped KS 074HPW in alley between 500 East and Sylvan. Citation issued to operator for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. 

Officer assisted Emporia Police Dept. with a car chase and use of force at Scott and Janis. 

Jan. 28 

Andrew Hall reported a burglary to his vehicle at 415 E 12th . Report taken. 

Officer stopped KS 722MBR at 10 E 12th -Subway parking lot for expired tag. Isaiah Noael Rueda was taken into custody for suspended DL and transported to Lyon Co. jail. 

Officer assisted motorist with a flat tire on northbound I-35 on-ramp at Burlingame Rd. 

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