Emporia State is planning to join other MIAA schools in serving alcohol at football games. A taskforce has been put together to explore the different potentials for problems and advantages.

They will outweigh the costs and benefits, and create a written report for President Allison Garrett as to why ESU should or should not carry on with the alcohol sales in May.

“The purpose is really going to see and to review, and become familiar with different alcohol policies of ESU and for the Kansas Board of Regents schools l,” said Paul Frost, Associated Student Government president and senior management major. “(We want to) make sure if we do release this and start to do this, that we are being compliant with our policies that are in place and also the ones that are in place with the KBOR and also reviewing what other MIAA schools are doing and how they’ve been successful.”

Pittsburg State University and Fort Hays State University have their own task forces. The taskforce at different schools will work in conjunction solving problems and providing feedback. The alcohol policies at the University of Kansas, Kansas State University, Wichita State University will also be explored.

“I think our first task is to say what are the policies we have now governing alcohol, how will this fit within them and how will that change those,” said Greg Schneider, professor of social sciences.

Rules will also be discussed. The taskforce has to look into the amount of alcohol is allowed at games, how many beverages people will be allowed to buy, when they have to stop selling.

“I think everybody recognizes there are plenty of examples of it being done and working,” said Gwen Larson, director of marketing and media. Anybody that’s gone to a professional sporting event, some colleges, that you’ve gone to events at people have figured out how to make it happen.”

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