On March 25, a Women’s History Month award reception was held for people who made progress for women. Two awards were given to people who make contributions to the women of Emporia State and to people committed to promoting women’s growth in school. A scholarship was also awarded. 

The two awards went to Bing Xu and Jasmine Linabary. This was put together by the Ethnic and Gender Studies Program. Afterwards Erica Self, ESU masters student, gave a personal testimony about how she has overcome adversity.

The Susan B. Anthony Scholarship was received by Emily Carlson. This scholarship goes to ESU students who demonstrate great beneficial input into the growth and education of university women, according to the Ethnic and Gender Studies Program. Carlson is getting her master’s degree in library science and is a member of the American Library Association. She also emphasizes the voices of women of color in education and library science.

The Mary Hendrick award was given to the head coach of the ESU volleyball team, Bing Xu. 

This award goes to individuals who make a long term commitment and go above and beyond to promote women’s growth and education. The volleyball team showed up to support the coach and cheer him on. He became head coach in 2005 and since then the team has gone to the NCAA tournament five times. 

“He is a very humble person. I have never heard him brag about his accomplishments,” said Qiang Shi, who nominated Xu for the award.

The final award received was by Jasmine Linabary, who was nominated by Heidi Hamilton, the department head of communications and theater, for the Ruth Schillinger Award. The recipient of this award has to make extraordinary contributions to the women of ESU over a sustained period. 

“She empowers women at this university,” said Hamilton. “She has shown us women are powerful and can make a difference.” 

Mallory Koci, who hosted the event, gave the closing remarks and thanked everyonefor coming.

“To all those that are here, I sincerely thank you,” Koci said.

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