Flying down Sixth Ave., a 16-foot-long Penske rental truck towing a white car, hit multiple cars early Saturday evening. At least four police cruisers responded which began a chase that eventually ended at the John North Ford Dealership at 12th Ave. and Graham St., where the Penske hit an additional car.  

Jennifer Suzanne Fisher, the driver, was taken into custody shortly after the police pinned her at the dealership, according to a press release from Emporia Police Sergeant Lisa Sage. They were responding to a report of aggravated assault at 18th St. and Industrial Rd. when Fisher refused to stop for the officers. 

“I was washing windows and I saw a police car drive by and I was like, ‘Oh that’s weird,’ but then I heard three or four more police cars,” said Avery Lupkes, sophomore Biology student, who witnessed the incident. “I just heard over the announcer, the police were yelling, ‘Pull over!’ and, ‘Put the car in park!’ Then this lady got out of the car.”   

Police followed Fisher from the Walmart parking lot, at 18th Ave and Industrial Rd., west on Highway 50, where Fisher eventually led them to the dealership. 

Ron Carlson, owner of the John North Ford, is aware of the incident, but said he doesn’t know enough details to share.  

“Fisher was transported to the Lyon County Detention center on charges of Aggravated Assault, Interference with a Law Enforcement Officer and other traffic offenses,” said Sage in the press release.

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