Upadate: Heartland Apartments and the Emporia Police Department allowed the memorial goers to continue the memorial without further protest. 

Around 40 residents of Heartland Apartments, 1325 Merchant St., and supporters huddled around candles in a memorial for Mahogany Brooks, a woman who died at the apartments last night.

According to Misty Durham, an organizer of the event, Heartland Apartments told them they couldn't have the memorial because of the nature of the crime.

"It's all about their reputation," Durham said. "They have no respect whatsoever."

The memorial is due to last until 9 tonight.

"We've all known her for most of our lives," said April Chapman, organizer of the event and resident of 1325 Merchant and Emporia. "She was loud and crazy but amazing."

According to Chapman, Brooks had a big impact on a lot of people.

"I've known Mahogany for 27 years," Durham said. "I think she deserves it (the memorial). A lot of people love her. What happened was horrible."

According to Chapman, Brooks' door is decorated with flowers and nice sentiments, including someone who wrote 'homie' in a black marker.

Samuel Deere attended with his brother.

"It's someone I used to know and someone I want to pay my respects to," Deere said.

The Bulletin has reached out to Heartland Apartments for a comment but has not received one. 

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