The Recognized Student Organization workshop was held by Associated Student Government at 5 p.m. last Thursday in the Skyline Room in Memorial Union. 

Allocations are due Wednesday, February 13. 

“That’s a hard deadline so anything not turned in by five o’clock won’t be reviewed,” said Victoria Goetzinger, ASG senator and junior                                  sociology.

Allocation requests cover two trips’ lodging, registration and travel for five people. They also cover speakers, printing and publicity. After RSOs have submitted their allocations, they must have a meeting with the Fiscal Affairs chair Malcolm Dade. 

“Tonight we talked a lot about the crowdfunding which is a newer policy that we’ve implemented,” said Ariana Williams, senator and senior chemistry major. 

Crowdfunding’s new opportunity giveGOLD was discussed. Legal counseling was also presented as an available resource to RSOs or anyone at ESU.

Previously known as “Adopt-A-Campus,” Clean Corky’s Campus is a good opportunity for RSOs to obtain some of their 30 community service hours which must be logged on HornetLife. For further information about Clean Corky’s Campus, contact Scott Romeiser.

Re-recognition applications must be submitted by 5 p.m. April 19th. ASG reminds RSOs to be sure to put in their community service hours.

ASG also asks RSOs to make sure all information is updated on HornetLife.

“They definitely added more about allocations and what we could use it for which was helpful,” said Madeline Griem, junior history major and Anthropology Club president. 

Karoline Kennedy, junior business administration major and president of Phi Beta Lambda, agreed that the information on allocations was very helpful. 

 “(I) learned a lot about… different opportunities that are available to RSOs that I did not know before,” Kennedy said.

If any RSO representatives were not present, Caylie Ratzlaff, junior social sciences and English education major, encourages them to email Michael Webb, ASG president and senior business administration major, to go over the RSO handbook.

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