Student fees at Emporia State have paid for a new sand volleyball court to be built on campus for students. This will be a regulated collegiate court open 24 hours a day for students to use at any time.

Every student paid $19 each to pay for the $153,000 build, according to Mike Wise, director of recreation services. 

The Student Recreation Center sent out a survey in August asking current students what they would want to see on campus and what they would use. The highest vote was for the volleyball court according to Wise.

Construction started in October and, as of February 4, the foundation is complete. The last step is to pour the sand in and put lights up around the perimeter.

The grand opening will be held in March after spring break so the weather will be cooperative for players, according to Wise.

There are two courts that are 24 inches deep with drainage underneath. The courts are completely fenced with aluminum fencing and follow collegiate guidelines. Light poles on both ends of the court will be added soon, according to Wise.

Wise said they are being built to the north of the Dobbs One Room Schoolhouse and Museum and next to the Student Recreation Center’s parking lot.

Aidan Jackson, 18 year old freshman at ESU  majoring in health and human performance, uses the recreation center “quite a bit” to play basketball or volleyball and is on numerous intramural teams. He is excited about the new courts and is already planning on using them.

“I am all ready because, you know, we won’t have to drive all the way to Sonic to use their sand volleyball pits,” Jackson said.

Jackson also said he was unaware that student fees are paying for builds like this, but doesn’t mind. However, he wishes students would be more informed on what that money is used for.

Wise is excited for the grand opening in March and to be able to watch students enjoy the pits. He said that he wants students to be able to be proud of their campus and how it looks.

There have been other recent renovations with recreation services, according to Wise. The carpet in the recreation center has been replaced and the weight room has new equipment.


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