Schallenkamp Hall is still under construction as a new dorm facility. Currently it is half finished, as was announced during a “hard-hat tour” last Saturday. Emporia State has spent about $18.5 million and the money has been the largest challenge while building, according to Jim Williams, vice president of student affairs.

“We knew we had limited budget, so we (had) to design a building (that) fit in that budget and we did,” said Cass Coughlin, director of residential life. “We have to choose between competitive values, because we can’t get everything that you expect.”

The tour showed anyone interested around the structure and gave more details about Schallenkamp. “I’d say about half of the building (is done),” Williams said. “The building has been built crossed, so by July 29, it will be completed.”

The structure is finished, according to Javier Esteban, architect from KWK Architects of St. Louis. The roof is almost done, the stairs are half done, and they are beginning to put the walls in, Esteban said.

The students’ rooms are all designed to hold two people, except the Resident Assistant’s rooms. Students will have a shared closest, and on each floor there will be kitchens and study lobbies, according to Caleb Kohman, assistant director of facilities.

“All the students’ rooms haven’t (been finished) yet,” Coughlin said. “They still have quite a bit of bricks to do, and all the inside stuff needs to be done.” Fortunately, the weather has been favorable, so the project hasn’t had any setbacks so far and everything is on schedule, according to Williams.

After Schallenkamp Hall is completed, ESU will start an $8 million renovation of Abigail Morse Hall in May of 2019, according to Williams.

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