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The Associated Student Government failed to pass a motion that would begin the impeachment process of the student body vice president, during tonight’s meeting. The vote was 12 in favor, 1 against and 6 abstentions.

This was the second time that senate began a motion to impeach Michaela Todd, vice president and senior communications and political science major.

During the meeting, senators asked Todd questions, which ranged from the interviews that she had done with national news organizations, whether she would continue to use the term “illegal alien,” and what steps she had taken to further her education about the topic.

Todd appeared on “Fox & Friends” and gave an interview with “Campus Reform,” an “American conservative news website focused on higher education,” according to its website.

Todd said that she would use the term again, due to its legal definition. She apologized for how her usage of “illegal aliens” hurt students, but did not apologize for the usage of the term itself.

Todd also said that the original post was intended only to express her support of gubernatorial candidate, Kris Kobach, and she was making the post as a student, not as the vice president of the student body.

Paul Frost, senator and junior accounting major, started the motion to begin the impeachment process.

Todd’s actions and decisions following the initial post, as well as her violation of the oath that senators take that states they will forsake personal ambition were the reasons for starting the process, according to Frost.

More than 50 students and community members attended the meeting. There were two administrators present, Deanna Williams, director of diversity programs, and Jim Williams, vice president of student affairs.

Two uniformed ESU Police and Safety officers were also in attendance, due to safety concerns.

This meeting concluded the 99th session of the senate and ASG will not meet again until the spring semester.

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