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The Associated Student Government senate failed to pass a motion to begin the impeachment process of Michaela Todd, ASG vice president and senior communications major, during tonight’s meeting. The vote was 11 in favor, seven against and three abstentions from voting.

The process was started by Paul Frost, senator and junior accounting major, as a response to Todd’s usage of the term “illegal alien” in a Facebook post.

The post, which endorsed Kris Kobach for governor, said that Kobach would “put Kansans first, not illegal aliens.” It was initially a public post, made on Todd’s personal Facebook account. Todd later deleted the post.

Todd apologized in a statement to The Bulletin and during the senate meeting, as well as attended a meeting where students shared their reactions to the post.

There were more than 35 students were in attendance at the ASG meeting. Some students attended to share their concerns about Todd’s post, their reactions and how the language used was dehumanizing.

Other students in attendance expressed their support for Todd and her usage of the term “illegal alien.”

A majority of the students in attendance were not there in support of Todd, according to a poll done by The Bulletin.

ASG’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee called for Todd to resign by Monday. If their recommended process is followed and she steps down, Todd’s last day will be Dec. 14, to help assist her successor, according to their statement.

If Todd does not resign by Monday, then Diversity and Inclusion Committee will move forward with the impeachment process at the next senate meeting, the statement said.

The next senate meeting is at 5:15 Thursday, Nov. 15 in the Senate Chambers.



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John Hancock

Congratulations to Miss Todd for her honesty and truthfulness.
Illegal Alien is a useful and factual description of those in the US illegally.
All her critics have is an intentional dishonest blurring of legal and illegal immigrants, a huge difference in this land of laws. Keep it up Michaela!

native jo

she shouldn't have apologized. she shouldn't have been up for impeachment for using a legally correct phrase that describes certain people here without consent. it's sickening how political correctness has turned people into bullies. yes, you are all bullies.


Perhaps supporting the principle of free speech is a worthwhile goal as well.

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