ASL Club teaches numbers

The president of the ASL club, Garrett Tatro, teaches students numbers in sign language. The club started learning on Sept. 7. 

The sign language club put on a free American Sign Language Class to anyone wanting to learn on Sept. 30. About 35 people attended. 

“This is the free class for community, everyone can come,” said Chieko Zimmerman, the treasure of sign language club. “Professor BK, started the ASL club in ESU last year and teaches sign language class on campus. And we also decide to have this class for the community.” 

Four to five members taught the class.  

“We decided last spring, we have enough interest and enough people, and all the members who’s teaching all took sign two before, and we had about 160 people in our first meeting,” said Garrett Tatro, the president of sign language club. “We usually have 40 to 50 people.”  

Tatro said he learned sign language because of his cousin who has Down syndrome, and had two years of working experience as a special education translator with a boy who also had Down syndrome. 

“We actually have limited community for deaf people at here, and it’s easy to feel isolated if you can’t hear or speak,” Tatro said.  

The sign language class usually has a practice activity during the class, and the participants can practice with each other in their groups 

“I really like it, and I think they are doing a good job,” said Alexis Watson, sophomore of pre-pharmacy major. This is a good resource, because some similar hand shapes are usually confused.” 

The sign language club has had four classes so far, and has already taught the alphabet, numbers and simple greetings.  

“I found it fascinating and (I think it) could be useful someday in my life,” Watson said. I will definitely practice more, and I want to enroll sign one next semester.” 

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