The Strategic Plan Review Committee held a forum Tuesday morning in the Preston Family room to discuss the revised goals and objectives of their 10-year strategic plan.

The five-part plan was created to advise the president on various ways to prepare students for lifelong learning, rewarding careers and adaptive leadership. The committee was recently appointed to evaluate the plan, formally titled The Adaptive University: Strategic Plan 2015-2025.

Provost David Cordle presented the changes to a full room, using a new speech-totext software.

“I’m hoping that using something like this will help us make this meeting, and ones like it, more accessible to everyone,” said Cordle. “We’ve made tremendous progress and worked pretty hard to keep the document up to date. The environment around us continues to change so now that we’re about five years in it seems like a good time to review the plan.”

Changes to the plan were made by the committee which is solely comprised of faculty members. While many issues were discussed, from further developing the colleges relationship with the aquatic research center to fostering diversity, open-source educational resources were heavily discussed.

“I have a couple classes where I have developed a set of materials…that are essentially free to the students,” said Heidi Hamilton, professor of communication and theater. “I think there’s innovation there but it’s not open educational resources because they’re not found on (websites), so does it meet that goal?”

According to Michael Webb, Associated Student Government president, the Kansas board of Regents Student Advisory Committee has been working to evaluate the usefulness of such OERs across the state.

“OERs are materials that aren’t necessary books, but various forms, like video, that are used to facilitate the distribution of the curriculum as you teach in your courses,” said Webb.

Antonina Bauman, assistant professor of business administration, also raised concerns about the validity of such sources. According to Bauman, the objective to promote OERs did not have any one type of website or source in mind but to simply promote a generally more accessible learning environment.

The second goal, which focuses on adaptive leadership, was also discussed.

“Adaptive leadership is one thing and we have a partnership with KLC (Kansas Leadership Center) that helps us think about how we do it, but then we have daily, maybe more, technical leadership that we do,” said Jennifer Denton, professor of sociology. “I may not think about the KLC in my daily interactions with my staff.”

According to Cordle, the daily challenges we face tend to be more technical.

“The point of adaptive leadership is that everyone can participate in it as an activity rather than a position. That would be a significant cultural shift for a university to develop that capacity and recognize the difference between adaptive and technical when we are solving problems,” said Amy Sage Webb, professor of English.

The meeting was the first of three campus forums that will be held to gather input on the revisions.

There will be one more forum from 3-4:30 p.m. April 29 in the Preston Family Room which is open to the ESU community.

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