In an interview with Bulletin writer Lucas Lord, Associated Student Government president Brayden Soper talks about changes to ASG policy and procedure amid Covid-19.

0:55 Are you personally planning on returning to campus?

2:15 Is the senate chamber planning to meet in person or online?

4:35 With this being your first year as President do you feel prepared?

6:25 Are there going to be programs that ASG can't do?

9:00 (changes to "Can the Bods" food raising program)

12:25 Is there anything planned for the first week of school for ASG?

15:05 What would you say to students who may not want to return to campus?

18:30 How can people stay involved in student government?

20:30 (Registered student organizations and community involvement online)

21:47 Is there anything else you would like to say or share?

22:37 When will the first ASG meeting be?

For more information about the campus return policy visit

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