An Emporia police officer questions an evacuated resident of Heartland Apartments, 1325 Merchant, after a shooting on Thursday night. Emporia State's campus alert took 49 minutes to reach students. 

After the shooting, at 1325 Merchant St., that occurred Thursday, and the 49 minute delay in the emergency alert that Emporia State sent out, there have been numerous reactions from students.

“I was mad,”said Esperanza Garza, sophomore nursing major. “It had been like 50 minutes to an hour from when I first heard the sirens going down the street to when I actually got an alert saying that there was an active shooter even though they talked about it 15-20 minutes in of me listening to the scanner that they didn’t have the shooter and were looking in the cars and looking in the trash cans and still making a perimeter and clearing the building.”

Garza was at Bible study at a friends place when they heard cars driving by at about 9:55 p.m.

“ It wasn’t just one or two it was several so I turned on my police scanner, like a free app on my phone, and was listening and then I heard that they (police) were surrounding an apartment building and they were clearing out residents and then that they found the victim and that they had no pulse and to not send help,” Garza said. “That’s when I first kind of realized this was a real deal and the fact that they didn’t talk about any apperention or it being safe. It was just kind of ‘oh this is not contained.’”

The incident on Thursday also caused the Registered Student Organization, Nerf Nation to implement their plan to require that guns must have an orange tip immediately, according to Theodore Wheeler, president of Nerf Nation and sophomore psychology major.

“Up until this point, not all of which (guns) have had orange painted tips but starting immediately and active this Sunday, I will be requiring orange tips,” Wheeler said. “This is something I was going to set in stone next semester because of the conceal and carry law coming into effect then but because of recent events I’m not taking any risks and going to be implementing it now.”

Members that do not follow the rule will not be able to participate in Nerf Nation events.

“I think everyone is going to be pretty understanding,” Wheeler said. “I’ve had this conversation with them about next semester a few times and everyone’s been really understanding of it. Even if they have a custom paint job on their blasters, they obviously know how to paint them so they can paint them back to orange or if they’re unwilling to do that well tough luck. I don’t really care.”

When The Bulletin had tweeted at President Garrett asking about the delay, Christina Brunton, a sophomore information systems major, tweeted this.

“Don’t understand why @esubulletin is @ the president like she would have the information,” Brunton said in her tweet.

Both Garza and Wheeler agree that ESU needs to work on getting the alerts out faster when in it concerns an emergency like this.

“ I think they should have responded by obviously sending out a notification quicker about what was happening and issuing a public apology that it did take so long,” Wheeler said. “There could have been individuals that were walking down there before the alert was sent out that could have been injured.”

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