Corbin Crable, former treasurer for Kansas Collegiate Media, admitted yesterday in a statement sent to the KCM board that he embezzled money from the organization. The final amount stolen was $21,446.94, according to Stacy Sparks, president of KCM and associate professor of journalism at Southwestern College.

“Crable was the third individual to serve the organization as treasurer since 1996,” Sparks wrote in a statement. “KCM has never experienced this type of breach of trust. Obviously, more scrutiny will be required for the position of treasurer.”

KCM officers gave Crable the option to “publicly acknowledge (his) actions via the CMA listserv (emails) and (his) social media accounts,” according to an email sent to Crable by Sparks.

“Should you decide not to publicly acknowledge your actions, we will request that the Overland Park Police Department file formal charges with the district attorney,” Sparks wrote. “It seems reasonable the judge will take into consideration the restitution and the steps you are taking toward addiction recovery.”

It was required that Crable address not only his embezzlement but his falsified treasurer’s reports as well, according to the email.

Since then, Crable has sent an email to all KCM board members and journalism faculty and posted on his social media accounts about his embezzlement.

In an email that begins with Crable acknowledging the pain of a friends betrayal and thanking KCM for all their warmth, he apologizes for his actions.

“I have repaid your warmth with lies and with theft, and this fact disgusts me,” Crable wrote. “The suffering I continue to feel, however, pales in comparison to the harm I've inflicted on all of you. The damage I have caused to KCM is great. For these things, I am deeply sorry. The guilt and shame I feel are immense, and I deserve every single moment of it. I am undeserving of your forgiveness.”

Crable cited his selfishness and his addiction to spending as his reasoning for his embezzlement.

KCM is funded by membership dues, contest entry fees, and conference registrations by student-staffed media organizations. This includes newspapers, magazines, broadcast outlets and online platforms.

Crable has paid all of the money back to KCM and no charges will be filed, according to Sparks.

Copies of the actual bank statements will be shared with the other officers on a monthly basis and additional oversight will be established in an effort to prevent this from happening again, according to Sparks.

Crable was the former adviser to the Johnson County Community College campus newspaper, “The Ledger” and had recently taken an journalism advising position at Baker University for the fall.

Crable did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

Correction: A former version of this story listed Crable's new position as an advising position at Butler Community College instead of Baker University. It has been updated to reflect the correct information.


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