The tuition and fees reported has been drafted and after an open forum for students, faculty and staff, it will be finished at the next meeting, according to Steve Lovett, Faculty Senate president and assistant professor of business administration.

“What we’re anticipating as of this next Monday (April 22), is a draft report of the recommendations by the committee to the president.” Lovett said. “I’ve got Greg (Schneider), Sandra Valenti, Michael (Webb) and the provost all present at that meeting and so I’ve asked them to share their thoughts or input as we decided on what our recommendations will be as to tuition and our recommendations as to fees as well. We’re trying to work with alternative proposals depending on the whether or not the governor’s recommended budget remains the same as it goes through the house here in May.”

According to Lovett, the report will be finalized by the next Faculty Senate meeting.

Faculty Senate passed Senate Bill 18021, a bill regarding general education and originated from the Academic Affairs Committee, 19 in favor, six opposed and two abstentions. Faculty Senate also passed several IT related bills as well.

“This bill was presented to exec from the general education council and assigned to

AAC,” said Michael Behrens, senator and assistant professor of English, modern languages and journalism. “The real important part of this bill is 48 (hours required) to 42...The purpose of this bill, the big change…,is to change the 48 hours of general education down to 42.”

The last meeting of the semester for Faculty Senate will be at 3:30 p.m. May 7th in the Skyline room of the Memorial Union.

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