Recently, the university website has undergone a complete design overhaul. Links to dead pages and faulty links remain a concern as the semester progresses.

“I have found that there has been steady progress in correcting (Emporia State’s) website,” said George Durler, FAC chair and professor of accounting, in an email. “IT has been especially responsive in making corrections when issues are discovered.”

Durler said that many of the problems the website had at launch have now been fixed.

“This is to be expected when a wholesale change is done,” Durler said. “It is my understanding the complete revision was done to adhere to the law and state policies regarding accommodation. IT and ESU Marketing have been working hard to deal with issues. It was to be expected to have some frustration when so many things on a website are moved and changed. We sometimes forget it takes time to make the corrections necessary.”

Durler spoke last week during the first faculty senate meeting of the semester about how embarrassed he was to show the website to colleagues.

“I’m embarrassed when the ads say to check out the new website because students and potential students can’t find the website,” Durler said. “I will say the IT people are awesome, I don’t have a complaint about the IT people.”

At the time provost David Cordle told Durler and the other faculty present to address concerns to Cory Falldine of the IT department.

“I have not heard any concerns, nor do I personally have any (about the website),” Williams said. “Marketing and Media as well as IT have worked with members of my division and have continued to be of assistance as questions arise. The new website has focused our communication and highlighted the cocurricular experience.”

With the Blackboard Ally program recently installed on Canvas, the face of ESU continues to change online.

“I think our online programs are really good…Hornet365 is certainly better organized now,” said Kaje Robinson, junior political science major. “A lot of the Google links still don’t work, and a lot of stuff has been put in weird spots, like I was trying to find student records to do a degree evaluation and I couldn’t find it.”

Robinson said that it can be frustrating and inconvenient at times trying to work with the redesigned website.

“I think the biggest issue is just trying to learn where everything is now,” Robinson said. “It is definitely better than the old (website). I think it’s a step in the right direction.”

For concerns related to technology or the website in general the IT department can be contacted at 877-341-5555 or by visiting online at

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