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The Emporia State Young Democrats held a viewing party for the fourth Democratic presidential debate in the Science Hall on Oct. 15. The debate featured 12 qualifying candidates, while seven candidates did not meet the threshold set by the Democratic National Committee.

According to Bekah Selby, club advisor and math and economics professor, it is beneficial to watch and discuss the debates as a group.

“It’s good to have a lot of dialogue about current issues,” Selby said. “Even within the group there is a diversity of opinion.”

After losing its status as a registered student organization, this is the second year the Young Democrats have been running.

“I had been doing a lot of work with the Lyon County Democrats who had expressed the need to have it on campus,” said Persinger in a phone call. “Having that younger influence on the sphere of politics is really important.”

According to Selby, Emma Persinger, club president and senior economics major, has done a lot of the groundwork to revive the group after it was practically defunct.

“She’s put together a very mature and responsible group of young people,” Selby said. “The turnout was really impressive especially after inviting the Lyon County Democrats to come watch the debate with us.”

Despite being a democratic debate, Makenzie Haddix, vice president of the Young Republicans club and sophomore elementary education major, watched the debate.

“It’s good for me to listen and see what the other side is saying and be educated,” said Haddix.

According to Haddix, she’s watched all the other debates as well.

“I think they really didn’t address important questions,” Haddix said. “The moderators asked them about their age and their health, and I feel like that had nothing to do with what’s going on in our world that actually matters.”

According to Persinger, this debate was much more uncertain about who dominated.

“The number of candidates that they had was incredible,” Persinger said. “It’s Interesting to see such a wide range of candidates.”

For more information about the ESU Young Democrats contact Persinger or Selby. Their next meeting will be at 7 p.m. Nov. 12, in the Blue Key leadership room of the Memorial Union.

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