For a long time, I didn’t know what my future held. When I changed my major from education to communication, I went from knowing I’d be a teacher to not knowing where I’d be after graduation. Communication is a broad field, but it fits in well with journalism and I absolutely love building relationships with people. It was a good fit. 

I didn’t know I’d be pursuing journalism for sure after graduation until probably this January. It’s a hard field. Journalism is so much more than just reporting, there are a lot of politics that come with the job itself and that scares me. It’s a truth I didn’t fully understand until I became Editor-in-Chief. 

As EIC though, I got to see staffers grow and come into their own. It’s my favorite part of being in any kind of leadership position. It gave me the strength to put up with the bullshit politics of being an EIC of a college newspaper. I wasn’t fighting for myself, I was fighting to create a safe environment in the newsroom for young reporters to grow, to make mistakes and to learn from them. 

This is the exact reason I wanted to be a teacher so long — I thrive on helping others succeed. Of course, I also like succeeding myself, but education is and always will be my guiding principle.With journalism, I’ll get to do it everyday, whether that’s through my reporting or through mentoring young journalists. I know I’m a young journalist myself, but I sincerely hope that you all feel comfortable shooting me questions or asking for advice as you all start your careers in the next few years, even if it’s not in journalism. I will support you regardless. 

Eventually, I’ll circle back to traditional teaching, getting my masters and becoming a college professor. But, that won’t happen for a very long time. I have big goals — Goals I couldn’t have even imagined having just a year ago. 

I want to give a special shoutout to Max, thank you for having unwavering faith in my abilities. I was only ever able to come this far because of your guidance. I know I challenged you, I know I was difficult at times, but regardless, you’d hear me out. You’d listen. My coping mechanism is to withdraw, and I know you didn’t know how to help me when I withdrew. But, you’d listen.  

You’re probably the only person on this campus that listened. No words will ever describe the impact you’ve had on me. I am so truly, unbelievably thankful for you. And, I might be graduating, but if you think for one second I won’t continue to give you shit even after I’m out of Emporia, you’d be dead wrong. 

In my last year at Emporia State, I came into this fall knowing only one person that would be on staff: Bella. And even then, it was still her first semester at The Bulletin. Everyone that started in the fall was green, which is both so exciting and so terrifying. Many didn’t have much prior journalism experience, which is totally ok. But I needed to ensure a safe and comfortable learning environment  for you to grow — And it should be said, I also needed that safe learning environment. I fail all the time — and that’s ok, I learn from those mistakes. 

As I watched this originally quiet and uncertain staff blossom into a talkative, joyful, confident bunch, my heart grew in size. So many of you have become people I consider friends, and even if we haven’t talked much or you didn’t work here when I was EIC, I wish all of you nothing but the best. Every single person on this staff has brought me light when I seemed lost. 

I know I often talk about disliking Emporia, but that has not and will not ever reflect on my time at The Bulletin. And as sad as I am to be leaving, I cannot wait to see what all you accomplish in the coming years. 

Thank you for bringing so much light and love to me during my senior year.


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