Many colleges require their athletes to attend some form of study hall. Students who are not athletes are not required to attend study halls. So the question is: Should it be required for just athletes or all students? 

Non-athletes are prone to have more free time. With no practices or games, we frequently have time for our homework and class projects. Athletes do not. 

Take for instance, a football player. The average football player attends class, has a little free time and then spends most of their evening at practice. This can go on for hours. After practice, there is little time left for any form of homework due to the fact that they’re exhausted. 

Athletes need the extra time in study hall. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it sucks having a mandatory study hall. However, it forces them to make time for their homework. 

Mandatory study hall for athletes can give these busy students designated time for homework and assignments that they otherwise wouldn’t have time for. 

After all, they are student-athletes and academics come first. 

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