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There’s no surprise that there such a strong animosity in our country right now.

The U.S. has been divided for years and the divide has only increased significantly since Trump took office. Speaking up and being vocal now is more important than ever.

There have been a lot of recent protests across the country that exemplify why it’s so important to speak up. A few would include the pro-life march, the women’s march and the indigenous peoples march. All of them hold their place in society, despite personal opinions.

Creating conversation and genuinely listening to the other side is one of the ways we will start to see compromise and growth in this country.

Currently, our president is lacking greatly in this skill.

We’re now over 30 days into this government shutdown and we have a president who refuses to accept the reality that people are suffering greatly from this shutdown.

Unfortunately, even when the shutdown ends, they’ll still be suffering because they’ve gone so long without pay and bills are adding up. It’ll be a game of catch up once they start getting paid again.

All this because President Trump thinks those going without pay want this wall and because he’s convinced himself that putting a wall up will make everything so much better in this country.

What about Flint, Michigan? What about those living below the poverty line? What about police brutality? What about struggling veterans? What about the thousands of government workers suffering because of this shutdown?

I understand that there are many people, including President Trump, that want this wall and that want stronger border security. Building a wall isn’t the only answer, which means that there is room for compromise.

We’re compromising here in Kansas, in Emporia, every day. It’s a skill we’re taught when we’re young and it’s something we can keep using throughout our lives.

I may not be able to speak about every issue I find important, but by compromising, I do what I can. I know what’s within my reach and I speak about it.

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