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We all know it: Sodexo food is not great. In fact, it kinda makes me die inside. No one goes to college expecting to love the provided food, but we at least expect to get the most out of it since we’re paying $1,000 plus some for a meal plan.

I’ve talked about my struggle finding food on campus as a vegetarian before, which is an issue yet to be resolved, but let’s talk about another Sodexo-related issue: Students who live in Residential Halls are forced to pay at least $1,500 to eat in the Hornet’s Nest.

This is too much money for the quality of food they’re actually getting.

I live in an apartment now, which has been great. But, as a sophomore transfer last year, I didn’t know any better and got the all access meal plan.

Big mistake.

Last year, I paid nearly $1,800 a semester to eat fries and salad. Which I really only ate maybe two-three times a week because it got so hard to stomach after the first two weeks. You break that down, I was paying $112 a week to eat two to three meals of salad and fries. Even on the cheapest plan, I would’ve been paying $93 a week.

Unfortunately, I know this issue is not localized to just me. In talking with friends and classmates, they all seem to prefer making something in their communal kitchen or eating microwaved mac n’ cheese.

This is a problem. Even if I’d known how little I’d be eating in the cafeteria, I’d still have had to pay $1,500 a semester.

$3,000 a year to eat salad and fries? No, thanks. 

I know providing food for a university is not an easy task, nor is it cheap. But, college is already extremely expensive. Students having to pay to eat real food outside of what they have to pay for a meal plan is too much. Students deserve better, or at least cheaper, food.

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