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The Emporia State Wind Ensemble released a CD of them playing live, from 2007- 2017, last semester. It features 12 tracks, various soloists, and conductors.

When I was first handed this CD, my first thought was, “Oh my, is this them practicing or is it just another college band?” I wasn’t overly thrilled because not all colleges have good bands, and sometimes even good bands can play bad or not sound the same on a recording.

I went in ready to be unhappy with what I was hearing, but I was surprised.ESU is lucky to have the band we do. They really have a quality sound.

There are some songs that are great, and you wouldn’t even realize that this is a college band. Other songs have some rough spots.

Sometimes, when they get on the stage, someone, usually a trumpet or brass in this case, can’t tune as well and has no clue how loud they are. I heard multiple times, brass instruments out of key or blasting away.

At other times, there were woodwinds, like flutes, that would go high and not everyone was in tune with each other.

This CD gives the opportunity for incoming students to see what our band is like and can gather interest in the band.

One of my favorite songs was the title track, “Burnin’!” Each song had different styles and techniques, and I think everyone could find something that they like.

I think everyone should find this CD online and give it a listen. You may end up finding something that you actually really like. Who knows?

Maybe you’ll listen to it a few times.

Maybe you’ll want to go to their concerts or possibly join the band.

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