It’s a common misconception that business is a form of theft, especially in the United States. The truth is, capitalism has been a huge force for good in the world.

Capitalism thrives on mutual benefit between two or more parties, there is no coercion. If you go to McDonald’s to buy a McChicken, you get a McChicken out of the deal, and McDonald’s gets your dollar. You haven’t been stolen from, you’ve willingly forgone your dollar to get something of greater or equal value, the McChicken.  

Capitalism is also great for students because it enhances competition between educational institutions. 

If there was a government operated education system without the private market, the government would decide what the prices should be and you’d be forced to pay them if you wanted post-high school education. 

However, thanks to capitalism and the free market, there are thousands of schools that are competing for your dollar “votes.” Due to this fact, school prices are being kept down much more than they would be if the government was more involved. 

Capitalism also “kills” bigotry. 

If I’m a racist restaurant owner and I won’t sell my products to minorities, than the minorities will just go across the street and eat somewhere where they’re welcome. 

Over time the restaurant that is most welcome to all people will receive the most income, while the bigot’s restaurant will go out of business and his family will starve or be forced to rethink their prejudices. 

There is much data to show that the more government intervention in an economy, the more poverty, income inequality and fewer rights citizens have. 

China, Russia, Cuba and North Korea all have MUCH more income inequality than the United States does. 

It’s no wonder that the vast majority of countries in the world operate under a free market system.

Therefore my fellow students, the next time you hear someone mention capitalism, instead of anger and resentment coming to mind, maybe you should try to think about all the fantastic things capitalism has brought us and be grateful for the fact you live in the best possible economic system the world has to offer.

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