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During the holiday season, it’s easy to donate. There are so many organizations and people in need asking for donations. 

But people are in need every day of the year. It is time to consider what we can do after January rolls back around. 

I know that it can be hard as a college student to spend any money outside of our typical expenses, but donating to a cause that deserves it doesn’t always mean donating money. 

Consider Bag-a-Birthday, happening right now. They are asking for cake mix, candles, frosting, and party favors. I know my family has a lot of those things just sitting around our house waiting to be used. 

They won’t be missed by us and will go to a good cause if I donate them to a box around campus. 

The Salvation Army is also teaming up with a group of Hornets to do a food drive right now. They are asking for cans or cash, in addition to providing a raffle for donors. 

Your donation can be from the surplus on your shelf if you have any, or from the store. Consider buying the discounted dented cans at one of the grocery stores – they are usually just fine, but the stores cannot sell them at full price, which is already sometimes less than a dollar. 

Laps for Landon is another event that we can participate in. The amount of money you give to this cause is up to you and your ability. Will you participate in the silent auction? Will you buy tickets for prizes? With something like this, the money goes to a good cause, and you get something tangible from it, too. 

Corky’s Cupboard not only needs food donations, but also personal hygiene products. This pantry is designed to cater to Emporia State students, but if you are able to give back to it, use that ability as a force for good. 

Aside from these four examples, there are countless other events happening in the Emporia community and on campus that may not need your money, just your time. The bottom line is that people are in need every day of the week, every month of the year. 

I know just as much as anyone that we have a lot on our plate as college students, but taking time to donate to a good cause or participate in a charity event will help so many people you may never even meet. 

Can’t you imagine how good that can make you feel? 

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