Although Cher’s new album is simply covers of older ABBA music, it is phenomenal. Cher takes ABBA’s songs and puts her own spin on them, improving on what ABBA has already created. 

The title track of the album “Dancing Queen,” is close to the original; it has the same beat and piano riffs. However, Cher puts her own flourish on it with her beautiful low alto voice and alto backup singers.  

Switching tracks, “SOS” also has a music video to it. It shows a group of women try multiple times to get another girl to join back up with them. The video seems to be all about “girl power,” and how women are stronger together.  

Cher isn’t seen in the video, however, and all the women lip sync the song. At the end of the video, the main girl goes back to the group and they are all pretty happy. The video is also artistic, including venue and costume changes.   

“Fernando,” featured on the new movie “Mamma Mia Here We Go Again,” is great as well. In the trailers, it looks like the song is devoted to a lover of hers, but it’s hard to tell without the context of the full movie. Although “Fernando” is slower and smoother than the others, it allows Cher to show off her voice more. 

One of the last songs on the album, and one of my personal favorites, is “Mamma Mia.” It keeps most of the elements of the original version. Cher changes it up just enough to keep it uniquebut nonetheless faithful to the song’s roots 

Cher does use some autotune in this song, however, it’s placed, tastefully, to distort effects during the chorus. There isn’t an official video yet, but some fans of Cher and Mamma Mia have made some of their own entertaining fan videos.  

This album is definitely something the ESU music department or drama department should look into. A number of the newer Mamma Mia songs are from this album or otherwise sung by Cher and it would be fantastic to see both brought to the stage by the Hornets.  

5 out 5 stars 

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