Just about every person native to America has heard about the Super Bowl at some point in their life. So the fact that the Kansas City Chiefs will be playing the San Francisco 49ers at Super Bowl LIV on Feb. 2, and the excitement that comes with it throughout Kansas should be of no surprise. 

I know a lot of people doubt the team, but I really think the Chiefs will pull through with a win to wrap up one of their best seasons yet. 

It has been nearly 50 years since the Chiefs’ last Super Bowl appearance back in 1970, which they won. This year is a big deal for Chiefs fans throughout the country. As expected, love for the Chiefs can definitely be felt. 

Patrick Mahomes is on his third season as the quarterback for KC. Some of his stats include 26 Touchdowns and passing for over 4,000 yards with an average of 8.3 yards per pass. Many believe that Mahomes is the main reason for their success as he helps the team connect. Although, everyone on the team has had an amazing season. 

The Chiefs have a current standing record of 14-4. Total offensive yards are over 6,000. The Chiefs have also scored over 50 touchdowns. The defense has been able to rack up a total of 45 sacks so far in the season. The Chiefs played the 49ers last season with an outcome they are sure to repeat. 

The last time the Chiefs played the 49ers was at Arrowhead Stadium in 2018. The Chiefs played dominantly during the game to pull out a 38-27 victory over San Francisco. The 49ers have also had a good season. Fans (including myself) are hopeful for a red and gold victory. 

Good luck, KC! The world is rooting for you. 

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