We don’t talk about the arts enough.

It’s discussed in a roundabout way when people or schools are talking about cutting funding, but art is something too important to just be swept aside. From actual paintings to drawings or music, these are huge parts of a massive number of peoples’ lives.

Art is something we need. In fact, everyone has some form of art in their lives every day. Have you ever tried thinking about what your life would it be like without art?

There would be no music, pictures, paintings, magazines, fashion, or sculptures. It would be a bland, grey world. There would be no creativity, and our world needs creativity in spades right now.

So many issues in the world could be solved with a little bit of the arts. For example, in the short time that art and music therapy has become an accepted practice. It has helped many people to recover many mental disorders and operate where traditional methods failed.

This all starts in schools. It’s where we should have the most focus on art and begin to foster creativity in kids. Art can help every child express themselves.

Sadly, schools now just want to cut the arts funding as a way of making ends meet and this is hurting students, like the 33 percent budget cut student government made to the Performing Arts Board, which allocates funding to theater, music, debate and creative writing.

Students are not factory products. We just don’t all work the same way. We are individuals who learn differently. Schools shouldn’t be just churning out carbon copies of adults to work corporate lifestyles. You can go just as far with math and science as you can art, music and English.

I think us, as students, should be more vocal in getting our arts recognized and funded better. At the very least we must get back the funding that was taken from us.

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