We are all on a journey of self-improvement. Everyone has different things they excel in, or are weak in. Just because we wouldn’t make the same mistake as someone else doesn’t mean others are less than us because they would.

Even in terms of majors, students tend to think other majors have it easier, or that certain majors aren’t going to bring success. Out of the need to share opinion, or with the intent to guide, we make judgements about others’ life paths.

Most of the time it’s out of care that we say things regarding someone else’s choices, but that isn’t enough to make our commentary exempt from being hurtful or judgmental.

There isn’t a right path to take. So next time someone has a hard time with a course that seems easy to you, consider what you are really saying when you comment “That’s such an easy class.”

Maybe you can handle eighteen credits in classes, but it doesn’t make someone else’s twelve not enough. We have differences in what we can handle in certain areas, and differences in what we believe is best.

Differences don’t need to be a bad thing. No one wants to feel like they aren’t good enough because they’re different.

We seem to be in a time where mistakes are unacceptable and unforgivable. Differences seem to keep us from being kind to each other. Part of self-improvement is accepting that we are all learning from different mistakes.

We are all on a journey. Mistakes and failures are what help us to grow as people.

We will all make mistakes, and it’s important to think of how we are making others feel about doing something that is part of being young, part of learning and part of being human.

So, let’s try to acknowledge our mistakes and faults, and not attack others for theirs. Try to accept that everyone is different from us and learn from each other’s perspectives instead of judging them.

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