Most employees in the state of Kansas recently received a 2.5% pay increase. But because state universities are funded differently, so Emporia State faculty and staff did not automatically get the full increase. 

Instead, university employees are eligible for raises that might range up to 2.5%. The increases are partially based on merit. 

The university sent out an email explaining the merit system, and then decided who got the pay raise. 

This leads us to question the fairness of the matter. The pay raise should be distributed equally across the board. 

The merit-based plan that was developed stated that it would be split into two categories. 

The first would be a 1.68% increase following certain requirements. The requirements are: Employed at ESU prior to Sept. 1, 2018, completed Diversity EDU and received a “Meets Expectations” on the most recent performance review. 

The second is an additional 0.82% increase following all of the above and received no performance improvement plan or progressive disciplinary action between Sept. 1, 2018 and Sept. 1, 2019. 

This does not include all employees at the university. Only those who meet the requirements will receive the pay increase. This makes me question the fairness. Why would only certain parties be allowed the increase? Not even whole departments will receive that same increase. 

This pay increase should be instituted across the board at ESU. From janitorial staff, to the president of the university herself. 

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