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Photo illustration by Shelby Hambleton | The Bulletin

are being brought to campus by Associated Student Government this semester. Tayler Laudermill, chair of the Diversity and Inclusion committee and junior social sciences education major, made the announcement late last week on Social Media. 

This is a major move towards helping provide students with necessary resources. 

ASG, thank you. 

Thank you for providing free menstrual products in male, female and gender neutral bathrooms. Thank you for working with Greek Life to ensure the longevity of this project and thank you for working so hard to promote equality at Emporia State. 

Equality for all peoples is a long-term battle, and all strides we can make towards reaching every student on campus is so important. Everyone deserves to be heard. 

Recently, various videos of Kaitlyn Bennet, a.k.a “Gun Girl,” have been circulating on Twitter of her walking up to students on college campuses and asking how they felt about menstrual products being provided in male bathrooms. 

This is a private issue. Whether or not someone utilizes the free resource is no one else’s business and helping provide equal access does no harm. It only helps students who aren’t always able to help themselves. 

Nearly two-thirds of women surveyed in a large U.S. city had reported that they were unable to afford menstrual products in the past year, according to Reuters Health. While Emporia is a small town, its clear how much of an impact providing free menstrual products can make. 

For some, it could be the difference between going to class or going home. Not everyone feels comfortable asking for help. 

There is such a strong stigma around menstruating and normalizing it is so important. Especially since not just women menstruate. 

This addition to campus will continue to help students not just now, but in years to come. 

This helps set an example for our community. Hopefully, more will follow in your steps to providing a necessary resource. 

So, ASG, thanks again. 

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