A mere couple blocks away from campus lies one of the cornerstones of Emporian cuisine, Do-B’s. 

Best known for their burgers and philly cheesesteaks, I was interested in what else they had to offer. 

As a locally owned and operated store, it was sprinkled with regulars, some speaking to someone who happened to be the father of the owner. 

They had a pretty good selection of sandwiches, burgers and melts, and even a couple vegetarian options. 

I decided on the lighter Mad Greek, a chicken breast with nutmeg, cinnamon, feta cheese and onion on flatbread with a smooth tzatziki sauce. I also got a side of sweet potato fries. 

The restaurant wasn’t too busy for an early afternoon, and I got my food in about eight minutes. In the mean-time, they were playing an episode of the Adam’s Family. 

I always prefer to eat at places where you can see them cook the food. Having made food both in front of and away from customers, I find that the food is usually prepared with greater care when people can see what you’re doing, especially with the owners themselves helping out in the kitchen. 

The fries were all freshly cut and almost too hot, but they had a perfect crunch to them. The flatbread was surprisingly filling, much more than normal bread. The cinnamon and nutmeg went surprisingly well on the chicken. 

For about $12, it was well worth stopping by for lunch. 

While I was there, a couple football players came in and the owners father recognized them and started talking. 

It’s nice to eat at places with a certain level of familiarity with their customers. I certainly prefer it to the estranged nature of fast food or anything like a sports bar. 

With a fairly priced menu, and a good selection of sandwiches, if you find yourself near campus, you should buzz on over to Do- Bs. 

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