From authentic Mexican food trucks, to sushi and burgers, Emporia offers a great variety of food despite its size. 

Chi Em Eats offers great Vietnamese food, filling a gap in Emporia. Located at 11 East 6 street, Chi Em Eats is small enough to blend in with its surroundings but shouldn’t be overlooked. 

With a nice, cool interior the restaurant is crisp and clean—the benefits of still being relatively new. The menu is featured on a blackboard and offers a limited variety of soups, chicken and noodle dishes. They also sport some mouthwatering house teas and bobas that are all about $4 each and certainly a nice treat. 

I decided to try the Vermicelli Noodles and chicken with cucumbers, lettuce, pickled daikon, carrots and bean sprouts. I also had a Vietnamese iced coffee. For $13, I got a good meal but not with any sides like soup or rice. With the shop mostly empty, it didn’t take long and nothing beats hot chicken and noodles. 

The sheer amount of vegetables was filling but wasn’t accompanied by much else. Granted they did offer more meat heavy alternatives like skewers but without the vegetables. The house sauce was incredible and went great with the sweet chicken. I’m usually used to eating hot noodles so the cold temperature threw me off but the fresh chicken went well with it. 

For a reasonable amount of money, Chi Em Eats offers a selective menu with some great dishes to try. Although, similar restaurants can compete in serving size and variety for far less and with a bit more space inside. If you’re in the mood for something a bit lighter than Chinese and have some money to spend, Chi Em Eats is worth the visit. 

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