While Emporia features a wide variety of Asian food, Hagaya Ramen Shop offers some great new tastes, but at an unreasonable price. 

Located at 1111 Commercial St., Hagaya is a beautiful shop with a series of comfortable booths to one side and a sprawling bar on the other. The cups, bowls and dishes themselves were all sturdy ceramics that added to a more authentic, homey feel, opposed to the bland plastic sets you may find elsewhere. 

The shop offers six varieties of ramen and a handful of beers and wonderful looking Sake that, despite being unable to purchase, I couldn’t have afforded anyway as they cost the same if not more than the food itself. 

While all the Ramen comes with braised pork belly, soft-boiled eggs, menma (bamboo shoots), mushrooms and scallions there weren’t any broths that didn’t include a meat base of some kind, adding a heavier taste to a lighter meal. 

For $14 I decided on the Miso ramen, since soybeans are a bit lighter. 

While there was only one other group present our food came out fairly quickly, nothing is worse than cold ramen. The Miso ramen was full of pork, eggs and menma, but little else. The noodles were plentiful and hot but somehow rubbery and took a bit too much away from the broth itself. The pork itself was braised quite well and its tenderness went well with the eggs and mushrooms which by themselves were a bit dry. 

Hagaya Ramen Shop offers some new dishes to Emporia, but for being located so closely to the college it seems to forget that many students are living on a meal plan, or at the least can’t afford a $14 bowl of ramen. If you find that your wallet is burning a hole in your pocket Hagaya Ramen is an easy way to spend it on a cold winter afternoon. 

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