I have recently been on the path to trying to be approved for an emotional support animal. As someone who struggles frequently with severe anxiety and depression, both my doctor and my counselor have decided this would be beneficial for me. However, my doctors note is not good enough for Emporia State.

I started to wonder about this: How difficult should it really be to get an ESA in your dorm room?

Now I understand that not everyone needs one, but those of us who do, have to wait for a long and drawn out process.

This seems unnecessary.

I obviously need it, and my doctor agrees, so why does there have to be a packet mailed to a doctor with a cover letter and then have to be returned and approved?

This seems like a lot of work for something therapeutic and meant to relieve the tension caused by my disabilities.

The stress of trying to go through this process does little to ease the weight of my own personal issues.

Perhaps, in the future, it will be easier for those in need to go through the process of getting their needed forms of therapy. However, now it remains an issue that needs to be addressed.

Students with doctor’s notes for such things can easily be used for apartment buildings, so why not dorms? Shouldn’t there been an easier way for students to get what they need without having to wait on snail mail?

The university should have a better, more accessible process for getting an ESA, whether that be a phone call interview with someone’s doctor or a skype call. Waiting for snail mail to get to the doctor’s office in different towns or states is ridiculous.

Hopefully, all turns out well, and I receive the ESA that I need, but for now, the process remains frustrating and unnecessarily stressful.

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