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Winter in Kansas has been harsh this year.

With wind chills reaching negative temperatures, the ice and snow has made traversing on foot risky, and driving down right dangerous.

Campuses across the state have needed to decide what the best way to deal with these conditions is, and ESU has consistently shown to prioritize student safety and well-being over keeping campus open.

This dedication to safety and care for students, staff and faculty is not being echoed by all surrounding universities despite the shutdown of other colleges, schools, hospitals and even some businesses. Some campuses continue to risk students’ safety.

While K-State and KU have made different attempts to be “helpful” such as making cold weather safety infographics and posting them on Twitter, their responses to student concerns have been lackluster.

Not directly disrespecting students, but not committing to their safety, these larger institutions give us another reason to be proud to be Hornets.

Rather than taking risks and forcing students to expose themselves to the elements, ESU has either closed campus, or done things like providing hot chocolate stations across campus to help students warm up.

Maintenance crews have been working hard to make sure gravel is put down to help with traction issues, sidewalks are cleared of snow and debris, and employees of the university come to work every day with encouraging words and support for students who need help in these colder months.

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