Last week I was doing some quick grocery shopping. I had 15 items, so I got in the express lane.  Then, a woman with just two cartons of ice cream got in line behind me.  

Since she had way fewer items than I did, I offered to switch places with her. She seemed so surprised when I asked, and said that it was perfectly fine. We had a pleasant conversation, and she told everyone that got in line behind us what I had offered.

When I offered to switch places, I wasn’t thinking anything of it. Growing up, I always spent a lot of time with my mom, and she would model to me what kindness is.  

She would offer to take carts back to the cart return for elderly shoppers. She always held doors open for people.  

I am incredibly thankful for everything my mom has taught me, but I feel like treating everyone with kindness is by far the most important.

There is no such thing as a “small” act of kindness, since usually it has a huge impact on someone. Hold the door for someone.  Offer a helping hand.  Compliment someone.  There are endless possibilities to show kindness to others.

There is so much negativity around us, so why add to it?  By sharing your smile and kindness, you can help make the world just that much better. 

When was the last time you did something nice for someone?  Held the door? Offered a helping hand?  How about the last time you paid someone a genuine, sincere compliment? 

Not only does showing kindness to others make their day a little brighter, a great feeling swells inside of you, too!  

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