It’s a Saturday afternoon in late October, you’re geared up in your Emporia State attire: A bright gold hoodie, black skinny jeans and face stickers. You’re pumped and ready to support those Hornets. But, will they win or lose? 

According to a new rule being enforced by both the NCAA and NAIA, practices are only allowed to be three hours long. 

Shortening practice does in fact help football teams all around the state of Kansas. 

Football along with other sports who have vigorous practices, often forget that these players are student-athletes. Not athlete-students. The shortening of practice will make more time for academics. Whether that be homework or study time, we are all here for our education. 

The shortening of practice also helps prevent athletes from becoming burnt-out. 

We’ve all experienced that feeling of just being so tired of doing the same thing that we can’t do it anymore. Often times these players end up with the same feeling after doing two-a-days. 

This change will prevent coaches from overworking their athletes so they can focus on how much their love of the sport, instead of wishing for the moment they could lay down and rest. 

I’ve seen it countless times with people close to me. Those football players just can’t catch a break. Perhaps, by making this change, football players will be able to focus more on being well-rounded students rather than just perpetual motion machines. 

This may seem like an unfair rule to those that believe there shouldn’t be a limit on how many hours the team should practice. Coaches might only see the aspect of needing the extra practice to win the games throughout the season. 

While winning looks good for the school, it is important that these athletes get to focus on their well-being. The main goal should be making them better students while still being involved in extracurricular activities. Coaches and the school overall need to acknowledge that these players are here for their education. 

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