While Emporia is a relatively small town, it continues to grow in all directions adding to the city various businesses that hardly seem to last. With the closing of Long John Silvers, 1928 West 6. Ave., an entirely new Wendy’s has sprouted in its place. 

While Emporia has plenty of local options when it comes to food, a new addition is never unwelcome. Wendy’s fresh, never frozen attitude is a relief in a town saturated with fast and often greasy food. 

Having seen that the lines for the last few weeks have often been city blocks long, I decided to order online ahead of time. While Wendy’s thankfully has plenty of affordable meal deals, I decided on the S’Awesome bacon cheeseburger with a small peach lemonade and chocolate Frosty. 

The beef was juicy and fresh despite how busy things were, and despite being out of stock of the burger, they went ahead and custom made it for me anyways. The bacon and pickles were crisp if a little burnt with little lettuce to speak of, but the sauce was clearly the main pull, like a zestier version of honey mustard, but less mustardy. 

The fries were crispy and taught but hardly warm by the time I got them, the Frosty was creamy and smooth which reminded me why I had missed having a Wendy’s for so long. 

When it comes down to it, Wendy’s is fresh, but hardly what I’d call fast food. 

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