Throughout the past week, The Bulletin has reached out to President Garrett several times, looking for answers to important questions in regards to the university requiring a student to sign a non-disclosure agreement before filing a sexual misconduct complaint against a professor. 

Garrett instructed The Bulletin to direct all questions to Gwen Larson, assistant director of marketing and media relations. 

Garrett refused to directly answer our questions herself or meet with us in person. 

Larson failed to provide any real answers to our questions.

Instead of responding to multiple interview requests, Garrett sent out a statement to campus after our paper was distributed last Thursday. 

The statement did not shed any light on the matter, but instead was disingenuous and filled with confusing legal language. 

Garrett said in her statement that the university is following new guidance that they received in Sept. 2017, which “removed this feature from Title IX investigations.” 

However, after saying that NDAs are no longer required, Garrett goes on to say that “confidentiality requirements are in place to ensure that those who feel they have been wronged have a safe and secure channel for reporting complaints.” 

If this procedure is no longer required, why is it necessary to defend confidentiality requirements? 

How does this protect the students? 

Clearly, the faculty and administration are the only ones being served here. 

Although we recognize the importance of protecting student privacy, there is something equally important, and that is justice.

NDAs are a way for the university to act unfairly and keep others from knowing. 

Shouldn’t the university’s first priority be to students, rather than protecting faculty members and creating policies that hamper justice?

We think so.

Students should be able to trust that the university has our best interests at heart. Until Garrett’s presidency becomes more transparent, we will not be convinced that Emporia State is dedicated to its student body.

Only tyrants refuse to answer the questions of those governed. 

Only dictators deny justice to the victimized. 

President Garrett, we believe you are neither a tyrant nor a dictator. But, you’re not yet the president we need. 

It’s time to put aside the crown and be the leader we know you can be.

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