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Every college that I’ve everheard of has some sort of general education courses that are required in order to graduate. To some extent I get why this makes sense, but why are there so many?

I would understand having us take some basic math, English, history, science and maybe one or two others, but we are asked to take an absurd amount of gen ed classes.

Emporia State requires a minimum of 49 gen ed classes, at least for my communication major.

To get a degree, we are required to have at least 124 credit hours which leaves us only 75 credits of degree related classes.

I, like many people, don’t enjoy taking all these classes that don’t apply to the degree I want to get.

There is little to no interest in doing well or learning in these classes, I try to get good grades for my GPA.

These aren’t classes that I would take without having to, and I hate going to most of them. It’s nice to get to explore new fields, but why so many?

Without these extra classes students could probably finish school in two years with no gen eds.

Colleges could also add more classes in our fields if they really insist on keeping us in college for four years.

Do they really think these classes help us, or is it about the money they make if we stay here for another year?

I started my first class toward my major this semester, and it’s a class that actually shows me what I’m getting into and if I’m making the right choice.

Next semester I’ll get into my minor classes more. Shouldn’t I have already been in these classes?

Why am I, as a communication major, forced to take multiple science classes and a crazy amount of sporadic classes that connect to nothing?

Teachers and students would be happier in their classes because everyone would want to participate and would have an interest.

I’m not here for a round two of high school, I’m here to learn how to work in public relations and journalism.

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I couldn’t agree more! Most of the information “taught” in gen ed classes is completely useless. It is because of the gen ed classes that my GPA tanked. If it weren’t for them I would be around a 3.5 GPA because I am passionate about it. The only gen ed class’s that should be around is English and public speaking. No math or science (unless that’s your major).
Gen Ed’s should be reduced, or gotten rid of!

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