The beginning of a semester can be hectic enough, but with enough effort, the rest doesn’t have to be.

To make your schedule run smoothly, it’s important to get organized early on and make a habit of it.

Getting started with a new schedule can be daunt-ing at times, so planners stand a chance to be one of the most important items in any given backpack throughout the year. In order to adopt a more organized lifestyle, investing in a planner is a simple place to start.

If you don’t need or want to have a physical copy of your schedule, you can always look to your cell phone. There are multiple phone apps with digital planning in mind, but Can-vas also offers a calendar tool, which can be useful since it contains all of your class assignments without any effort from you.

However, planners are just the beginning of staying organized. It’s a good idea to have your desk or study space in order. Over time, desks can become cluttered which can render sitting down to plan things or study a more chaotic experience.

It’s nearly impossible to find what you need from a desk that’s overcluttered or lacking in organizers. With that being said, consider putting some effort into having a specific place in your home or dorm for get-ting work done.

Something important to note: everyone stays organized in a different way. Some people color code, while others do better with a simple to-do list. So, it’s best to keep an open mind and try new things until you find the right fit.

While scheduling and stay-ing organized can seem rigid or tense, it doesn’t have to be. Every semester is unique, so some-thing that worked before may not work this time, and with that, flexibility can be the key to success.

Don’t forget that lifestyle changes take work, and small steps are much better than none at all. If you don’t get it right the first time, keep trying. We are all just a work in progress after all.

There is not always only one perfect way to build your life-style, so if you don’t succeed right away don’t worry. Remind yourself that every-one on this world is a work in progress; then try again.

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