Happy Homecoming everyone, and a “Stingers Up” to all of you. The air is crisp, and football is in full swing. It is that time of year. As ESU celebrates Homecoming next week, however, one thing seems to be missing: the focus on students.

Homecoming this year seems to be centered around alumni, and perhaps it has always been this way, but who knows? This is only my second year at ESU. The class of 1968 seems to be the shining star this year, and I can only assume that 1969 will be next.

All of the events listed are centered around the previous generation of students, such as a wine tasting, as most undergraduates aren’t even of drinking age.

Now, you might be thinking, aren’t alumni relations important? Absolutely, but the events should be more focused on current students. The Black and Gold Gala and Trivia Night are the only events listed on the Homecoming events page that seem inviting to students.

The other events hosted by the university include a Sigma Phi Epsilon alumni breakfast, an alumni and faculty breakfast that same morning and a classic rugby game with a reception at Radius, 610 Merchant St.

Current students might not have the money to even pay for registration, let alone the time to help celebrate Homecoming with the alumni. Perhaps there are other events put on by other groups that are centered around current students, but the university’s focus seems to be on alumni, which is disturbing given that they also look to them to donate.

Only a certain amount of that money goes back to students through scholarships or other grants. Maybe choose events that students and alumni can celebrate together, or perhaps hold events that are exclusively for students.

But a narrow focus on donors gives the rich much more power than they likely need. While alumni relations are important, it’s time to give homecoming back to the students.

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1) As an alum: thereby, a former student, Homecoming in my mind was never for the students. It is called "Homecoming" for a reason. Sitting in the bleachers at many a game I wonder where the students are; certainly, at not at the game. 2) The Sigma Phi Epsilon breakfast was not hosted by the university; nor, to my knowledge, were the Sigma Tau Gamma and other Greek organizations' events along with the Blue Key breakfast. These events are hosted by the individual organizations. If you look at overall giving to ESU, you will find the bulk comes from Greek alumni. As that population dwindles, those numbers will change. In my opinion, not for the better.

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