I’ve rewritten this half a dozen times. I have spent five years on this campus. Five whole years and I made this my home. But this is my last opinion as the ESU Bulletin’s opinion editor. I’d love nothing more than to reflect on my glory days in this article, but I want to do this justice. The reason I love this job so much is because of all of you. Therefore, let me leave you with some parting words of wisdom. 

There will be times when you want to scream and rip your hair out because you’re stressed about homework or because you broke up with your partner and something in class reminded you of them. There will be times when you want to give up. Don’t. Even the highest hurdles can be overcome. You are strong enough and smart enough to make it.

Don’t be afraid to take risks. I would not have gotten the job I have in Manhattan as a political journalist if I had been too scared to admit I wanted to be a writer. I’d be hating my life in medical school simply to make someone else proud. Some risks are worth it, so don’t be afraid to live your life how YOU want. 

Cherish the moments with your friends. It sounds lame, but you only have this moment once. Don’t waste the moment because when the moment becomes a memory, you’re done living it. Go to as many things as you can, no matter how dumb they sound, and make it the best day until the next best day comes. 

One of these days, you’ll be walking across that stage accepting your diploma holder (because they don’t give you the real thing) and you will have the whole world at your feet. You have so much potential and even though I won’t be there, I can’t wait for you to get your moment. For you to bask in the sunlight and say you have accomplished something that was not easy. 

I am going to miss this so much. I have loved writing for this paper and writing to all of you. But it's time for a new beginning. A new beginning that will be the start of everything.  Hopefully next semester, I’ll see articles pop up from a new opinion editor. Articles filled with passion and new knowledge. Who knows, maybe it’ll be you and this can be your new beginning too.

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