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As winter quickly approaches and the sun sets earlier and earlier it is important to find time to add a bit of warmth to your day. Though I don’t drink much coffee, Gravel City Roasters is the best place to do it.

The small coffee shop at 608 Commercial St. features a wide variety of local art from First Fridays and a great selection of house blends and mixes. Once called Java Cat they’ve changed their name after starting to roast their own coffee. I usually apt for their Italian sodas or their creamy Irish Iceberg but given the weather I needed something to keep me warm.

For $9 I got a dark house blend, a peppermint and white chocolate mix and a hot poppy seed muffin. Plenty of coffee to last the afternoon, or the entire day.

The peppermint mix was hot and strong. With seasonal flavors, sometimes the coffee taste itself can get drowned out but this wasn’t the case.

The house coffee was refreshing and dark despite never really drinking much darker coffees. With a small assortment of scones and muffins, the poppy seeds went surprisingly well with hot coffee, given how sweet and filling it was.

With only one person running the store it was brimming with students getting together to study and other people perusing the art while they drank their coffee.

With a solid assortment of coffee and baked goods Gravel City Roasters is a local coffee shop that can stand on its own. With nothing costing more than about $6 just about everything on the menu is worth trying.

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