At this point, it’s undeniably true that the beauty standards created by society are negatively affecting people. The numerous advertisements and media that people are bombarded with daily, are a detriment to people 

Women are told to be thin, smile pretty, and somehow wrangle their breasts into the perfect size and shape, just to be accepted.  

There are a number of movements trying to change the standard and embrace women of all sizes, which is a great thing. Yet, places like schools, clothing stores and restaurants are still obvious in their judgement of women on their size and looks. 

Of course, there are wonderful people who approach with an open mind, but the judgmental definitely outweigh the more mature. Over time, this shatters even the strongest woman’s self-esteem.  

These women will either cover up and hide because of the way they feel they look or, even worse, develop eating disorders or other terrible habits in pursuit of the right size.” 

Still, with all of the open discussion of these issues in relation to women, there’s another side. It’s equally present and often overlooked how men are held to similarunrealistic beauty standards.  

Men are supposed to have great, full hair as well as defined muscles, especially abs. Men sometimes destroy their bodies with excessive workouts and protein drinks, so they can also have the perfect look.  

Most people don’t think about men’s issues, but just like when a woman is turned down or judged for how she looks compared to models, the same can and does happen to guys.  

Men aren’t emotionless rocks like we expect them to be and this judgment can shatter their confidence and impact their lives as well. Men are just as important as women; we are supposed to be equal and this means our issues need to receive equal attention. 

There needs to be national and collegiate groups dedicated to supporting men and women, no matter what they look like.  

We have to start with ourselves. Everyone needs to make an effort to consider the content of a person’s character, rather than the shape of their body. We all have more to offer than just the way that we look.

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