I want to be a teacher. I came to college to be a teacher. The most common question everyone asks is this: Why? Do you not like money? 

That is the worst question to be asked. In fact, it aggravates me every single time. Why is money the first thing that comes to mind? Even though I might not make much as a high school teacher, why should that change my decision? Instead of discouraging future teachers, we should make a move to help the education system or better yet just keep your negative thoughts to yourself. 

It’s appalling to me that so many people have only negative things to say about people who want to go into the teaching field. 

These future teachers help shape the younger generations. As a child, my teachers helped shape my love of writing and my love of words in general. Speaking of words, let’s define the word teacher. 

Synonyms for teacher include: educator, guide, mentor, counselor, professor. These educators serve an extremely important role. They help students discover what subjects they like and even the ones that they don’t. 

I have had amazing teachers and I have had teachers that made me question if teaching was their back-up plan. Teaching should never be discouraged or be used as a second option; as something lesser. 

So why do I want to teach? It’s not for the money, that’s for sure. It’s for the privilege of shaping young minds. 

I want to teach to inspire. I want to teach to pay forward the inspiration I received from my former teachers. 

There’s a quote I love by Colleen Wilcox that reads, “teaching is the greatest act of optimism,” and I have never read anything more true. 

You don’t go into teaching for the money, you do it because you want to make a difference. 

It takes a strong person to be a teacher and a stronger one to deal with the discouragement of those around us. Encourage your future educators, they’ll make a difference with your children. 

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