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It’s pretty safe to say there’s been disgruntlement with Associated Student Government over the past couple of years.

ASG elections are coming up, so if you find yourself disgruntled with the way things are being run, we have a simple solution for you: run for office.

We need more people to run for the simple fact that in the past, there haven’t been enough and people “win” by default.

Democracy doesn’t prevail by default.

Don’t get us wrong. We love Associated Student Government.

Despite the natural relationship of a government and a newspaper (we’re not supposed to be friends, because it’s our job to hold government accountable), we really do believe that student government is important.

It’s an important and very needed aspect of our university, which is why we need more people to run.

ASG is our opportunity, as students, to tell faculty and administration what we want and to enact policy and change.

And ASG has done some important work in their time as a governing entity.

They helped promote a tobacco free campus, they’ve written resolutions in support of free speech and they help redirect our student fees to campus organizations to help students have opportunities to travel that they otherwise would not have.

It’s not always the easiest job, but it is an important job, and we can definitely sympathize with that.

So take a moment and think about some of the changes you would like to see on this campus.

Do you want more funding for the band?

Do you want to support the humanity groups on this campus?

Or maybe not?

Either way, if you are a person with a vision of what you would like to see change and evolve on this campus: run for student government.

We need more diverse representation of campus in student government. We need more people to run.

And if running isn’t an option for you? Vote.

ASG elections are usually determined by a less than 5 percent vote.

Less than 5 percent of the student body votes in the elections.

In this case, your vote and your voice really does matter. So help start the change that you want to see on this campus and in this country.

Democracy depends on it.

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