The governor election is inching forward and we can’t help but notice that with everything that’s going on, it’s time to turn this red sea blue. And Laura Kelly is the woman for the job.

Kelly is a woman willing to do anything and work with anyone to achieve better and ongoing education from young kids to adults. Kelly was born into a career military family where she learned the importance of integrity and accountability, according to her website.

She dedicated her life to fighting for children and families’ rights for a good education and healthcare. Kelly was formerly a senator where she quickly built a reputation as a no-nonsense leader who could work with both sides of the aisle.

Most recently, though, Kelly fought to repeal Brownback’s tax plan and hopefully put Kansas financially back on a better foot. Kelly believes in increasing funding for education and funding Early Childhood Block Grants to create a foundation. Kelly believes it has a big impact on families.

Growing up in a military family, Kelly moved to Kansas for a topnotch education. Her children also received great educations thanks to the schools and teachers. However, in recent years with Brownback’s cuts, education has suffered.

There are bigger classes, less teachers and less pay for the teachers. According to Kelly, she would make sure the schools have all the supplies they need to properly educate students. No matter where they live, all kids deserve a good education and our teachers deserve respect and support.

College is also a top priority for Kelly. She believes in funneling K-12 to college and the workforce. Kelly also believes in technical colleges, wanting to more thoroughly fund the institutions. She says that with all the cuts that happened under Brownback, tuition prices have gone up and that’s pushing people not to attend college, affecting their career prospects for the rest of their lives.

Kelly plans to fight for more funding for all schools if she is elected governor. Kelly also wants to bring back more psychologists into the schools, especially high school and college. Kelly knows it’s very important for students to have good mental health.

Kelly also plans to be more transparent and hopefully build more confidence in the state and in herself. Kelly has many more plans in expanding health care and investing in our workforce to help the economy. Her cross-aisle appeal is so strong that the Traditional Republicans for Common Sense has decided to officially endorse Kelly over the Republican candidate, according to their press release.

We need a leader like Kelly who can make hard decisions and is able to make compromises to get things passed, but will also stick up for the little people and take a stand on the value of education. With Kelly’s past experience as a senator and her work in schools, she gives Kansas the best shot at turning around and becoming a more productive, healthy and profitable state.

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